Financing Solar Systems

Financing?  I don't like to borrow money UNLESS it is for a money making objective.

Financing a hot water system might cost $150 more than paying cash, and some people want to save up until they can pay cash, maybe save for a year or two.   That does not make sense.   Your hot water system is likely to save you $75 to $150 per month.   Every month you wait is money literally down the drain, real money that you can never get back.

The Easiest way to finance is with a credit card, some people do this to max out the frequent flier miles!

The next easiest is with Wells Fargo, you can get no interest loans for 6, 12, or 18 months.  These all require monthly payments.   It is a simple 10 minute application that we can email to you.

There is also a new program we work with mostly 1st Hawaiian and CPB, but other banks also participate if you have a favorite.    This is a 5 year, NO INTEREST loan, sponsored with a buydown by Hawaii Energy (the old HECO solar program).   Contact us for information.

For larger systems and PV systems, there is an extremely low rate of 3.99% from University of Hawaii Federal Credit Union (UHFCU).   When you get you tax credit back, you effectively have a windfall of cash.

Information on how to contact them is here:

Contacting UHFCU for Green Loan