Wednesday, October 7, 2020

BBB Certificate of Accreditation


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

List of Abbreviations of Tuneup Customers That Are In Que For Sale Priced Tuneups in January 2021

As mentioned in our bulk email, we are focusing on Tax Credit type solar work until the end of 2020, since tax credits will be phasing out.    They reduce in 2021 and then go away completely in 2022. 

1) Solar Hot Water
2) Solar Electric
3) Solar Microinverter Upgrades
4) Solar Attic Fans
5) Solar Powered Airconditioning (Yes this is a real thing!)

These are the tune up customers in 'Que" if you think you should be on this list and don't see your name, rattle our cage, be the squeaky wheel!  And contact us via email HERE


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Solar Tax Credits Expiring -- Booking Now For 2020 Work To Be Completed

Steve Olsen Here.

It's been a crazy year, although we are considered essential, it has not been any easy environment to operate in.   

Logistics became harder, some suppliers were not able to supply, and local distributors were often out of stock, so we had to buy in bulk when we could get materials.  

That said, we greatly appreciate that 98% of our customers have worked with us on scheduling changes, extended times for bid estimates.   Thank you very much!!!!

If you need something, or are just curious about modern technologies, be the Squeaky Wheel, and call or email.   We don't answer the land line anymore, as 70% of calls are spam/unwanted, so the message just directs to my cell phone (808) 265-5971

We have a dozen or more tuneups that we have not been able to get too.    We have been forced to focus on existing acute problems and projects.   At this point, to get people's tax credits in, we will likely wait until January to get back into the Tuneup Mode.    We will be hiring another admin assistant to coordinate, schedule, do paperwork, and try to get everyone up to speed.  

For people with tuneups past 5 years old, it is really important to get it done.   You may not lose your system this year, but in 2022 the TAX CREDITS GO TO ZERO, and you will end up paying full list price for a replacement system.     


It seems like Summer is vanishing at a rapid pace.

With the Tax Credits Going Away ---We Expect A Very Robust End of the Year.   

Back to the "Crazy Year" we also lost a portion of our recent emails, looks like they are gone for good.     We expect that we have dropped the ball on some Solar Proposal Requests.

This is the time to be the squeaky wheel, and get back on our radar.   We apologize for any dropped balls!

1) Solar Air-conditioning is now "a thing", we have quite a portfolio under our belt and our customers just love these projects.     Those light wind and Kona days are now 3 times more frequent, and it is likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future, as the "Grand Solar Minimum" in sunspots and magnetism is definitely affected the weather patterns, and even ocean circulation patterns.   

2) Solar Attic Fans are better than ever.   They now have a 25 year warranty, and instead of 25W we are up to 60W and we shop build a proprietary mounting system to let the large PV panel be mounted right on the fan, avoiding 4 extra fasteners through your roof.    If you are replacing an existing fan, we can almost always get your net costs under $300, and sometimes even under $200.   Ask for a quote today.   

3) Microinverter Upgrades!    We do both the ones that are compatible with your existing NEM, and we can also add additional panels, using what is called the NEM plus, which normally uses batteries for the biggest financial rewards.    Enphase Microinverter company is shipping batteries to me this week, I just got the call this morning!      

It's an exciting brave new world in the battery industry.    If you upgrade your old microinverters (warranty dies at 15 years) you will also be battery ready, and you will have full house battery backup and be able to use your whole PV for production during Grid Down due to:
1) Hurricane
2) Tsunami
3) Civil Unrest like the mainland has seen
4) Localized power outages

4) And of course, we are one of the top experts in Solar Hot Water, now with over 2 thousand systems installed.   Many of you got systems in 2006 to 2009.    It may be a smart move to replace them this year, before tax credits expire.    Get a totally fresh system with the latest technology and fresh warranties (up to 12 years on tank and panels).   If your system fail in 2 years, you will pay full list price of $7000 to $8000, and maybe higher as the out of control government spending eventually feeds into the economy as inflation.    Your net cost this year will be more like $2000 to $3000.


(808) 265-5971

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Tax Resources for 2019 -- Fed 5695 Hawaii 342

As always, we are not your tax accountant nor your lawyer.    Please independently verify all information and interpretations.   Keep in mind that in 2020 the Fed tax credit has been reduced from 30% to 26%.    And in 2021 it goes down to 22%.    And 2022 ---- ZERO!

So if you are looking any type of solar upgrade or modernization, you should do it this year.

This is the Federal Tax form 5695 most people will use.   And the Instructions. 

This is the State Tax form N342.   And the Instructions.

Many home owners are looking to upgrade from "legacy" inverters and micro-inverters that will never be capable of integrating with a battery system, to the newer types and the one we like the best is the Enphase IQ7 series that were designed from the get-go to be an integrated part of a battery system.     We call this the IQ7 Upgrade.

Note -- They can function on their own as a "qualified solar electric property expenditure"

Of particular interest for homeowners interested in at some point installing a battery, the IRS has
clarified that Batteries Charged by Solar Electric, including all the devices necessary to connect them into the house's electrical system, will be considered a "Qualified solar electric property expenditure".

This clarification letter from the IRS is from 2013, so it doesn't necessarily set precedent (or deny precedent) since so much has changed, but does at least give a little impression of the way the IRS thinks and may view things even though there has been a sea change in solar technology since then.

Section 48 deals with Business Energy Investment Tax Credits

If you do business from your house, it may be possible to get additional benefits by allocating a portion of your solar electric (or even the solar hot water) to the business.     The portion allocated to business can then be depreciated, providing even more tax benefits.

Of course, this complicates the taxes and for many people it may not be worth the complication.

This IRS Notice clarifies the Business Tax Credits.

And for those with too much time on their hands, here is the Hawaii actual laws that describe the solar tax credits.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

2020 Certificate of Good Standing