Monday, December 5, 2011

Exploding Water Heater?, do the Solar Tune-Up

Urban Myth or reality?    Does is really make sense to maintain the safety features of your water heater do doing the Solar Tune-Up?   Yes it does.

Check this Discovery Video
In all likelihood your water heater won't blow up, in fact since the heater is directly connected to the piping system of your house, it is much more likely that increases in pressure would cause a rupture in the piping somewhere else.

That is, IF, your P&T Valve (pressure and temperature relief valve) didn't work properly.     The P&T is a VERY important piece of safety equipment.    Just think is a hot water pipe underneath your house ruptured, what would be the cost to find and fix it?    You wouldn't even know about it until you got a $600 water bill and $600 electric bill.