Sunday, December 27, 2020

Solar Attic Fans, New Or Upgrade, We Are The Only Ones With 60W Fan Mounted Solar Power

This is the star of the year, a great conjunction between a solid housing and fan/motor and the biggest PV panels of ANY solar fan, at 60W.    Compare to 6 years ago at 20W.

We are the only ones that have this fan setup as shown.    And it comes with a 25 year warranty on everything, and a company 10 year leakage warranty.    Put simply, they will not leak, ever.    

You can see how well the fan housing "flashes" under the shingles, creating what the industry calls a "positive drainage plain", relying only on gravity and not on sealant.

Of course we also use sealant to prevent a wind driven rain from sneaking upward. 


Monday, December 14, 2020

Advanced Troubleshooting of Enphase EMU Monitoring Device and Web Connection / Firewalls

 Hello Steve,

This is Jason with Enphase. There are a couple of ways to get the Envoy reconnected.

If it disconnects:



If your envoy says it's connected but disconnects you may have a firewall problem. 

We developed a new process using the Enlighten Mobile application. A video walkthrough is available here:

This is a walk through to assist you in getting your Envoy manually configured to connect to your home WiFi. A similar video walk through can be found at:

1.) Locate the Envoy device. This is a little black box (or circuit board) in the solar breaker box with 4 LED lights on it.

2.) Enable AP mode on the Envoy, which is the first button under the first set of LED's. Simply press, DO NOT HOLD and the light with the "cell phone and arrow" icon will turn solid green.

3.) Now, on your smart phone, go to SETTINGS and then WiFi and connect to the new network labeled Envoy_xxxxxx (the numbers will be the last 6 digits of your Envoy's serial number).


--- At this point please stay close to the Envoy as it does not broadcast very far.

--- Your phone will likely tell you there is no internet connection when connecting to this network. This is good in this case and means you are doing it correctly.

4.) Open a web browser on your phone, such as Safari, Chrome, or Fire Fox. Don't use the Google search bar found on your home screen though, this is still the internet, but is not technically a web browser.

5.) In the web browser enter into the address bar and hit enter.

Now you should see an Enphase web page. If you get page could not be displayed, just make sure the phone is still connected to the Envoy network and refresh the page.

6.) Scroll down to the "Monitoring" section and click on WiFi. You will be prompted to log into the page. Please enter the Envoy's username and password below. (We will enter the WiFi info soon)

Username: envoy (all lower case)

Password: xxxxxx (This is just the last 6 digits of the Envoy serial number)

7.) You should see the current network the Envoy is trying to connect to, and below that a link that say, "More Information", click this and then select Forget Network. This may take up to 3 minutes.

8.) We should land back on the previous WiFi Configuration page, so hit "View Networks" and select your current WiFi network and input the password you created for your WiFi.

It will take a couple of minutes and once connected it will tell you connection successful. If it tells you connection has failed, try it again.

Final notes;

---The "Cloud" LED on the Envoy should be solid green if the Envoy is connected to the internet and reporting data to Enlighten. During this process it may turn green and then go back to red several times. Don't worry about this as long as we see the Envoy is connected on the web page. If you see a red light next to the Cloud after a few hours, this may indicate an issue.

---The microinverters will not immediately start reporting data in Enlighten, the Envoy has been holding onto all their data for a while now and will need to upload all of the old stuff before it can show anything live. Don't worry this is normal, and it should only take about one hour for each day the system was not communicating.

Thank you for contacting Enphase.

Jason Wall

Enphase Energy | Customer Support

office 877-797-4743

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Certicate of Vendor Compliance