Sunday, December 27, 2020

Solar Attic Fans, New Or Upgrade, We Are The Only Ones With 60W Fan Mounted Solar Power

This is the star of the year, a great conjunction between a solid housing and fan/motor and the biggest PV panels of ANY solar fan, at 60W.    Compare to 6 years ago at 20W.

We are the only ones that have this fan setup as shown.    And it comes with a 25 year warranty on everything, and a company 10 year leakage warranty.    Put simply, they will not leak, ever.    

You can see how well the fan housing "flashes" under the shingles, creating what the industry calls a "positive drainage plain", relying only on gravity and not on sealant.

Of course we also use sealant to prevent a wind driven rain from sneaking upward. 


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