Monday, February 1, 2021

Solar Hot Water -- The New Control Technology is Far Superior -- Consider an Upgrade If Your System is Sketchy

 Steve here -- The new technology is both digital and with a user friendly display that provides easy to understand data to the novice user, 

And can provide high level troubleshooting from us, the solar experts, using just phone support and simple questions.

We have been using this for around 10 years and they are highly reliable.   We use nothing else, except if servicing a legacy system and the owner does not want to upgrade.

You also get 3 brand new temperature sensors (its not compatible with the old technology).

The sensors are one of the most likely items to fail on a solar system, especially the roof sensor that really takes a beating up there.

So it tells you the temperatures:

1) At the solar panel on roof

2) Water in the Tank

3) Water going into your house

And it has a VACATION MODE and I will tell you why it is important.  It's not as fun as going to Disney or Vegas, but it can literally save your system.

If you leave for more than 2 days, your system is going to be piping hot if no water is used.    Then the tank cannot absorb any more heat, and the controller/pump will not pump to prevent tank overheating.    

But at that point, your panels are now "stagnated" and that is the worst thing for them.    The temperature will go up to around 250F and at that point the pressure will be so high, the pressure blow off valve at the panel will open and release some water and pressure --- hopefully it closes again.

At high temperatures the calcium and silicates (glass) come out of the water and plate out on your panel surfaces.....also NOT GOOD.

The Old Technology cannot do "Vacation Mode" and thus cannot protect your system.   But even if you don't need the Vacation Mode, it is still an awesome controller in every other way.

From the manufacturer....a list of their features