Saturday, February 27, 2010

HE Participating contractor

Pacific Energy Strategies, LLC is proud to be one of the HAWAII ENERGY participating Contractors. Hawaii Energy is taking the place of HECO in implementing not just the solar programs, but all the strategic planning and incentives for energy efficiency. They have the same quality system specs and they continue to do a 100% inspection on every system.

HECO PV article from Honolulu Advertiser

On again, off again. Right now, it is very easy to get permission to "tie-in" to the grid. In the past, you needed a team of lawyers and engineers to hammer out an agreement with HECO. As you can imagine, the costs were high, and that is why no one took advantage of PV. That can happen again. Don't miss out on a good deal, especially now that it is easy!

The article was posted today on Feb 27, 2010

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

PV Pictures - 15% Return on Investment Annually

New Financing Program

University of Hawaii federal Credit Union offers a GREEN LOAN for a Solar System!

Please contact us how to take advantage of low interest financing option.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Electric Bill to ZERO kWH Usage

Just today on President's Day, we received 2 electric bills from satisfied PV customers. The first one was done with Microinverters and it took their bill to ZERO in one swoop. The second bill is from a Kunia customer who did Phase 1 on the Sunnyboy Inverter, and is now doing Phase 2 just today. He will definitely go to ZERO usage.

Think of what our great old President's would strive so hard for...Independence. Get Independence with PV. The average residential customer gets about a 15% return on investment. Businesses and combined residential/business get even higher rates of return because of Section 179 expensing and/or Accelerated Depreciation.

Invest in Independence with a high rate of return!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tax Thoughts -- Extra Benefits for Home Businesses

Do you have a legtimate home business? You may be surprised to find that you can reap benefits that bring the business portion of your solar investment to very low levels, almost free. Some people can enjoy an annual rate of return of around 70%. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

The section 179 depreciation expense AND/OR
MACRS Accelerated Depreciation

Can make a massive difference in your solar investment performance!!

Please note that we are not tax professionals, and any tax related information presented is just an opinion that you MUST verify through your own trusted tax professional.

We have examples and official interpretations of the solar laws that have been published by the State of Hawaii and others, and we can provide this information to you and your trusted professional. Many of these clear up gray areas. Many Sales people do not understand the tax implications, or they present it in a slanted way so that only their product looks the best. Do not fall into that trap.

Solar with Government Support --- "Your" Bailout

The State and Federal government want to encourage solar.

Put your money in the bank, and you get what? Maybe 1%

Put your money in a mutual fund, and hope for 7%, but be ready to lose 50%?

Put your money in Bernie Madoffs hands and ....... ouch.

Put your money on your roof, and you may see a 15% annual return on investment, and even better for business / part business usage. A portion of your portfolio should be invested in renewable energy sources, which makes you even stronger against future energy rate increases.

What would it feel like to no longer "be gamed" by the oil industry? It is a good feeling. They can still get you at the pump, at least until we have electric vehicles, and our own PV powered charging station. The PV system that you start building now can be used years down the road as infrastructure for your vehicle charging station.