Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tax Thoughts -- Extra Benefits for Home Businesses

Do you have a legtimate home business? You may be surprised to find that you can reap benefits that bring the business portion of your solar investment to very low levels, almost free. Some people can enjoy an annual rate of return of around 70%. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

The section 179 depreciation expense AND/OR
MACRS Accelerated Depreciation

Can make a massive difference in your solar investment performance!!

Please note that we are not tax professionals, and any tax related information presented is just an opinion that you MUST verify through your own trusted tax professional.

We have examples and official interpretations of the solar laws that have been published by the State of Hawaii and others, and we can provide this information to you and your trusted professional. Many of these clear up gray areas. Many Sales people do not understand the tax implications, or they present it in a slanted way so that only their product looks the best. Do not fall into that trap.

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