Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Enphase 7IQ Massive Upgrade -- Special Pricing

Old Micro-Inverters Failing!  Replace Them All Now at Less Than Manufacturer's Cost for 7th Generation 7 IQ Microinverters.

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7IQ Upgrade – (4) Bullet Points to Understand it – It’s a complete component rebuild on the roof.
  1. Early Microinverters Have a High Rate of Failure, And a high labor and programming cost to repair.  Upgrading the whole system will be cheaper than paying the repair costs over time.
  2. Enphase is offering to Upgrade to 7th Generation Micros at LOW COST
  3. Enphase throws in free cables, and a free better quality Envoy/EMU monitor with wireless capability.
  4. Your warranty, which is going away quickly, is EXTENDED for 25 years…..starting 2022!!!
Let’s say you had a $35,000 car, and you had 70,000 miles on it and it was started cost you a bunch in repairs.    If the dealer came to you and said, heh, for $4000, we will give you a new car, with a 25 year warranty……WOULD YOU TAKE THAT DEAL?


5) The 7IQ is "Battery Ready", The M190 will never be Battery Ready.   Call Steve to discuss, battery costs and quality and longevity have taken huge strides forward.    And Enphase will be rolling out their "Plug and Play" battery system, that will "play nice" but only with the new 7IQ Inverters!
6) The new monitor (EMU/Envoy) comes with Current Transducers, that PES et al, can install for you if you want.    These provide valuable information on your actual power production, and times where you import energy from HECO.   This allows a good engineer to properly size a battery system, without buying too much!   

The 7IQ Upgrade program is like getting that NEW CAR, at 10% of the cost!
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I have upgraded my system in Kunia, and there were a few bumps and learning curves, but overall, it is a great project, and I am ready to roll it out for all my customers, who have the old style Micros (THE ENTIRE M SERIES) (M190, M210, M175, M215, M250).

If you don’t know what you have, just enquire
The original Enphase Microinverter warranty was 15 years.   For many people that is ½ or 2/3 gone ALREADY.

We re-use the same racking system, and the panel hold down clips.    We expect some stuff to break, as that is just the way Murphy works, and we will cover all miscellaneous small part breakage, up to $200 per customer.

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Small Dripping After Hot Water Tuneup -- Simple Fix

Small Water Noticed After Tuneup?

We try to seat the valve when we perform our service, but because there is water present in the process of the tuneup, we cannot determine whether any small weepage could still be we need to ask our customers to try the simple quick fix below if they suspect minor leakage.  

Almost for sure, any signs of residual water the next day, on the floor, is simply related to the new Pressure and Temperature relief valve needing to be flipped a few time to properly “seat”.   The contact surfaces of the new valve just need to be seated, and you do this by opening the P&T valve using the silver handle on top of the valve.   
·        Open for say 5 seconds, and be aware that water will rush out the pipe which usually goes to the concrete floor and usually in back of the tank and it could be really HOT.   

·        Then Close, and open again.   

·        Repeat one more time.

This should stop the leakage.   It might be hard to tell right away, as usually the leakage is very slow.   

Another simple trick is to put a box fan on the area and dry it up.     If it stays wet, then probably a leak continues.     Repeat steps one more time, but at the end just pop the valve quickly with bursts of water going out.

If it is dry, and remains dry when the fan is removed, then the expected fix has worked.     

This is a one time event, once seated well, you shouldn’t have to do this again.