Monday, March 4, 2024

PV Solar Electric Tuneup for 2024


PV Solar Electric Tuneup


For systems that are getting older we recommend doing the IQ Upgrade to the latest generation inverters.    Even if you have a central inverter, the Microinverter company has expanded their upgrade program with discounted prices and some free equipment to get you off the fence and UPGRADE Your System.   This can also help restore lost efficiency which just happens overtime. 

You can see the results for this Halawa Heights customer.    He added 3 panels (10%) to his system after upgraded the exsting 27 legacy inverters.  We also did a PV Tuneup, and look at the results....almost 50% more output!!!!

He generates a credit now even though he also has an EV!!

We having been doing PV "Tuneups" on a request basis for years.    But with hundreds of systems out there now, it seems like a good time to offer a formalized tune-up for Solar Electric.

Please review the following, and consider doing the PV tuneup at the same time as the Solar Hot Water Tuneup, you will get significant savings since a big portion of our costs of doing a service is setting up the file, scheduling, and tech time loading for the job and getting to and from the site.

In case you have been living under a rock, LOL, and you didn't hear about the Big Solar Tuneup HE Buydown Sale, Which reduces the cost almost 40%, here are the details.    Instead of $405 its just $255 using limited HE buydown funds.    And we do the BEST TUNEUP in Oahu.     We even just signed up a licensed plumber to do the tuneup on his personal system, because he is familiar with our quality and the price is so great!

Doing the PV tuneup will increase your system electricity production, and get a couple of expert set of eyes looking at your system.

The Islands BEST PV TUNEUP is being rolled out and here is what you get.
  1. Pacific Energy will preview your system online and look for signs of anything wrong so we can be ready to fix them during the tuneup.
  2. We will wash down all the PV panels, dust dirt and bird droppings do build up overtime, especially if there is construction in the area
  3. We will operate the system disconnect switch and verify proper operation
  4. We will open all the rooftop "Combiner Boxes" aka junction boxes and inspect for loose wires or corrosion
  5. We will inspect under the panels for any dangling wire and ziptie up where accessible
  6. Report any other deficiencies that you should be aware of.
If you have "security" bolts on your system, please be ready to provide the special bit to the technician.   You can leave it on top of the system disconnect if you are not there.

The PV Tuneup Cost will be dependent upon the number of panels you have, and if you do at same time as Hot Water Tuneup we will provide a significant discount.   

Contact us, we will review your system and get you a LOW COST QUOTE