Saturday, May 26, 2012

Satisfied Customer!

Here is the message from very happy customer.  We will add in "testimonial".

Thanks for the ‘aftermarket service check’.

The key information that we are both interested in is the system is working every bit as well as you said it would.   I received my first (after solar panels) electric bill and it was the $18+ administration fee.  The nice thing is the bill also reflected how many Kw of credits were generated last month.  Not a huge amount, about 3 day’s work of credits based upon past historical use.

I’m really pleased with the system, the care with which your folks worked and the professional manner throughout the entire process.

I brag about the system and your company every chance I get and encourage neighbors and friends to contact you and either add to their systems or do a complete install.

I’m hoping after paying income tax I’ll be even more enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Place me in the very satisfied customer stack and being able to monitor the system, even when in Thailand or the Philippines gives a real sense of security.

Great job!

Kap khun mahl krab, as is said in Thai.  Thank you very much.