Monday, December 17, 2018

Don't Squander This Opportunity to Upgrade Your Old Microinverter System at Low Cost

Enphase, the best microinverter company on the planet, is making a spectacular offer, allowing "early adopters" to upgrade not just their microinverter, but also  the electrical cabling on the roof, and the monitoring device (the Envoy).


 I have run through the system myself -- and so far it looks easy.    Enphase is also very responsive via email and phone, and I got 15 minutes with the program manager today.  

 Those customers (almost all) who have the M190, the M175, the M210, and the M215 know that there is a fair amount of inverter failures, and these can be costly to change, especially if they are being done one at a time.    We expect that of the earliest technologies, almost all the
inverters will fail over the life of the system, say 25 years.   

Bottom LINE -- Your labor costs to keep changing inverters over the years and decades is going to be higher than just doing this SPECIAL UPGRADE PACKAGE NOW.

Also, they will not charge your credit card until the product ships to you.    So to get past the holidays and all those expenses, simply direct them to not ship until late January 2019.