Monday, March 14, 2011

RAQ "Recently Asked Questions", TUNE UP, and WHAT IS A SYSTEM?

1) My tax person says I can only get $5000 back from the State of Hawaii, I thought I could get more?

Cindy, I think they mean $5000 per system, with a system defined as the number of tie-in points to your building electrical system, i.e. the number of breakers that goes to the PV

One of the reasons we designed in a new subpanel--to accommodate your 2 systems.   Seriously take a picture of the sub-panel in the garage, nicely labeled as Sys 1 and Sys 2
System as further clarified by this tax info letter, attached. (see tax tab page of this blog)
Print a picture of your subpanel with 2 PV systems, print and put in your tax archive file you give to your tax person.

 2) What is the Periodic Solar Maintenance (TUNE UP), and how much does it cost?

Jeff, you should do annual flushing and in the hard water of Hawaii, replace a tank anode every 3 years.
We put 2 anodes in every tank to keep them from rusting--No one else does this!
With no maintenance, tanks last 5 to 9 years, the warranty is 6 years, imagine that.

1) 3 year “Tune - Up!   Your tank can easily last 25 to 30 years.  
2) Change Pressure and temperature relief valve – this is a very important safety device.    If this device completely fails the tank can actually blow up, and there are documented videos of tanks flying several hundred feet in the air, obviously very dangerous.    What is more likely though is that at high pressure above 150PSI your house plumbing would simply be breached, the worst case is that it would be the hot water pipe that is most subject to corrosion….under your house slab.    Think about the cost to either find that, cut holes in your slab, fix it, and then hope that was the only hole.
3) Change pressure relief valve on solar panel
4) 25 other little inspections and spruce ups, including replacing about 6 to 8 feet on insulation on your roof top panel piping.  
5) Includes operational check through observation.   If the controller or sensors seem questionable we can test them with a Multi-meter to verify their condition. 

The cost is $375.00 plus tax.   

Or think about a solar attic fan, top quality, not goofy Costco plastic foreign made junk that might last 2 years, installed into asphalt shingle roof, will handle up to about 1200SF, manufacturer says 1800SF, but not in Hawaii.    $1400.00 plus tax=$1465, and I will throw in a free solar Tune-Up.   If you pay State and Fed tax you should be eligible for 35% and 30% tax credits on the solar fan….net cost to you = $513.08--NO Discounts can be applied to this price, this is fully discounted already.

Fan comes with 25 year warranty, AND I have never had to do a repair on a single one out of around 700 installed.

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