Thursday, February 22, 2024

PV Solar Upgrade Special Program -- Upgrade Legacy Solar to Modern Solar, and There Is A Huge Difference

You have a "Legacy" Solar System?  Like over 12 years old?   You can't tell how well it's working or if it's even working at all?  This is a NEW PROGRAM not offered before.

Now is the perfect to replace them with the new technology, more efficient, more savings.   And a fresh 25 year warranty.    The new technology is ------- 7th Generation 7 IQ Microinverters.

These new systems have awesome monitoring and reporting capabilities.   You can see exactly what they are doing, even down to a per panel basis. 

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Let’s say you had a $35,000 car, and you had 70,000 miles on it and it was started to nickel and dime you with a bunch in repairs.    If the dealer came to you and said, heh, for $2000, we will give you a new car, with a 25 year warranty……WOULD YOU TAKE THAT DEAL?


7IQ Upgrade – (4) Bullet Points to Understand it – It’s a complete component rebuild on the roof.      New Inverter on the Roof, New Wiring on the Roof!

  1. You can get the Government to pay for up to 65% of your upgrade.  
  2. Protect your family from Inflation!
  3. We re-use your existing panels, we can replace panels too, but that gets pricey.
  4. The micro-inverter company is offering special packages to contractors to help replace the legacy, large, heavy, bulky, and un-monitorable Central inverters.
  5. Our package includes all new wiring on the rooftop, bigger wires and more efficiency, less I-squared-R line losses.
  6. Your warranty, which is probably long gone on the central inverter, is replaced with a fresh 25 year warranty!!!
  7. The new MICRO-Inverters are "Battery Ready", The old legacy equipment will never be "Battery Ready."   But you don't need to get batteries to get this uprade, it;s just a better option for the future.    Call Steve to discuss, battery costs and quality and longevity have taken huge strides forward.    And Enphase has rolled out their "Plug and Play" battery system, that is designed from the beginning to work seemlessly with the new 7IQ Inverters!
  8. The new monitor called a Gateway (EMU/Envoy) reports your production data in near real time (15 minute intervals).   You can fully monitor what is going on, and we can too.

The 7IQ Upgrade program is like getting that NEW CAR, at 10% of the cost!
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We have done around 180 of these upgrades and we have 180 very happy customers!  

Up until 2024, Enphase would only offer their contractor the special packages to replace their oldest and first microinverters, that were killing the owners and their company with warranty cost. 

Now they are more aggresive, and are trying to take over the OLD central inverter market share.  

If you don’t know what kind of system you have, just enquire

We expect some stuff to break, as that is just the way Murphy works, and we will cover all miscellaneous small part breakage, up to $400 per customer.   We have never had to charge an extra fee because "too many parts broke".

Interested?  Enquire by Email Here

Additional Benefits:

  1. Safety First: Emphasize the safety aspect of the Enphase micro-inverters, which operate at lower voltages compared to traditional central inverters, reducing the risk of electrical hazards.
  2. Modular Design: Highlight the modular design of micro-inverters, which allows for easy expansion or maintenance. Unlike central inverters, if one micro-inverter fails, it doesn't affect the entire system's performance.
  3. Enhanced Shade Tolerance: Micro-inverters optimize the performance of each solar panel individually, making the system more resilient to shading issues compared to central inverters.

Revitalized Benefits:

  1. Optimized Solar Output: Ensure maximum efficiency and power generation by upgrading to Enphase 7th generation micro-inverters. Combat annual degradation and cosmic-ray damage with cutting-edge technology that shields against energy loss.
  2. Streamlined Technology Upgrade: Upgrade from outdated, cumbersome central inverters to the sleek and efficient Enphase micro-inverters. Bid farewell to the hassle of servicing old technology and embrace a future-proof solar solution.
  3. Real-Time Performance Monitoring: Gain control and peace of mind with real-time system monitoring. Track each panel's performance, ensuring your solar setup operates at peak efficiency. Receive immediate alerts, allowing swift response to any issues.
  4. Robust 25-Year Warranty: Invest confidently with Enphase's 25-year warranty. With over 5000 installations and zero failures, experience the reliability of 7th generation micro-inverters. Even apparent issues were swiftly resolved through simple firmware updates.
  5. Proactive System Oversight: Benefit from Pacific Energy's vigilant oversight, conducting thorough system reviews multiple times a year. Receive timely alerts for any irregularities, ensuring your solar investment continues to thrive.
  6. Tax Credits for Immediate Returns: Seize the opportunity to invest in yourself. Secure significant tax credits swiftly, potentially reducing the net cost to as low as $1000 to $3000. Allocate your money wisely and watch your investment grow.
  7. Inflation-Proof Investment: Shield yourself from inflation, especially in the energy sector. Embrace 7th generation micro-inverters as a robust defense against rising energy costs and position yourself for long-term financial stability.

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