Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Petitition to Restore Solid Support for Nascent Solar Industry

 The solar industry was just breaking into a stride, exactly what a decade of Utility and Governmental support was trying to achieve.     Then the State abruptly chopped off a good amount of support, last year, with a large and confusing tax credit cut.   Then the electrical unions tried to take over the market utilizing DCCA "rules", when that happens, costs will go WAY up.   Then HECO started throwing impediments into peoples way, delaying or not allowing NEM agreements and meters, or adding unexpected costs.

All of these are questionable not just in practicality, but in legality.   There is a long standing State Energy policy related to renewable energy, and that is LAW.

Using temporary administrative rules to change the tax credits is not right.      They should NOT change the LAW--the State Energy policy by using a "temporary decree".

Nor should the DCCA use rules to favor a union over others who have been in the business for decades, there should be a well studied law change to make such a critical decision.

And finally, HECO should not just change the "rules" in midstream.   The rules should be well thought out and only changed by PUC law change.

Amazing that an up and coming industry can be attacked from so many directions.