Monday, October 28, 2019

Tips for the "Network Bridge" Re-Pair, Re-Set, Lights

Steve here.

Over the years, various "Network Bridges" have been used.    The original ones from Enphase are
still working for some people, they are pretty big and a grayish color.    But the newer aftermarket bridges are much better!  

The purpose in our work is to bring internet connectivity to the EMU (aka Envoy).   This is done by sending internet over the house powerlines.    Technically this is an Ethernet over powerline bridge.


We have used various types in the last few years, often a "Trendnet" device.   The Powerline 1300
AV2 is one of the best, fast and over long distances.    It used to be real expensive, but prices have come down to reasonable.

These devices are "paired" together.   Often this process is pretty automatic.  

The biggest problem you will find is that they somehow become un-paired.    Then you simply re-pair them using the button on the bottom.

If you are having trouble re-pairing the devices, you can move them to a close electrical receptacle, it makes it easier for them to find each other.

To re-pair, hold the button on the bottom for 3 seconds.  
Do the router side Bridge first, recommended, then go to the other bridge and hold that button for 3 seconds.

 They say this needs to be done within 2 minutes of each other. 

How do you know if it worked?    The Powerline LED will turn solid green on, If it is blinking Green that is also OK, it means that data is being transmitted. 

Easy Peasy, right?

Sometimes bridges can just get into a real funk, and nothing seems to work.  

In this case, a completely system reset (think of it as a re-boot), is needed.   Because the device need to be plugged in to electric while doing the reset, it may be hard to get to the bottom of the Bridge while it is plugged in.   Make it happen! 
Use a mirror and paperclip if need be!    It's a little recessed button on the bottom

Note: if you have super old wiring in your house, without a ground wire, these probably won't work, they require 3 wires, Hot, Nuetral, Ground in 120V.

We are not experts in internet security, we are just happy when it works!   Of course, there are risks with any internet use.   Just be aware that many of these newer devices can be customized to increase security.     The owner of the internet service is responsible for any security measures and risks, not us.