Friday, March 11, 2011

Energy Funnies (kind of! LOL)

Oil is going parabolic, gas follows immediately.   Your electric bill follows in a month or two.    The Utility doesn't need any authorization from PUC to increase your rates if oil goes up--they just do it.    It comes with a small lag period, perfect time to get a real Strategy---if your strategy is just paying the electric bill when it comes, this is a great time to re-think that "Strategy".

It is pretty simple and straightforward, call us.   If there is a way to reduce your bill, we can help you achieve it.   Think about how good it would feel if you saw oil going to $300 and knowing that you already protected yourself and your family from that, without reducing your lifestyle.

At least protect your family at your house, get hot water solar and PV.    And in the future, think about the electric car.   It is a good technology, well, unless your have HECO burning oil to make the electricity.   If you are making your own electricity, electric cars make sense on a number of levels.

I have a Master Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan as well as being an AEE Certified Energy Manager.   I have done the calcs.   For the average commuter, put 7 panels on your roof, charge your car overnight in 8 to 12 hours, and you won't need to buy gas either.    That's for the future, near future.   For now, protect your family at the house.

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