Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Microinverters: Monitoring / Communications Are Essential - 3R Box/Bridge

Let's talk about monitoring your Microinverter Based System.   Monitoring is very important

I'll make this is simple as I can.   

The Envoy/EMU (the oval box) needs to talk to:

1) The internet
2) The microinverters on the roof

A direct connection plug into the internet is common, so it is usually placed in the house in the computer area.   But this has a downside, there are large amounts of electrical noise within the house, esp. by the computer area, and that makes it hard or impossible to "talk" to the microinverters on the roofs and get their report on how they are doing. 

My solution/invention is to get the Envoy/EMU out of the house completely, and then to create a network/internet connection using a special device.

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What is the issueif the communications to the roof are bad? With poor communications to the rooftop equipment, you cannot tell what is functioning and what is broke or "breaking".  Microinverters often fail little by little, so you may be losing 50% of production, LOSING MONEY and don't even know it.

The company, Enphase, will no longer issue the Return Material Authorization RMA so you can't get parts replaced for free under the 15 year warranty for materials UNLESS you have 3 or more Bars of Communications out of 5.

 The 3R Box / Bridge is the solution.

For 95% of people it will cost just $350 plus tax.

Only 10% of our customers now have "3 of 5 bars" of communication or better, needed to get warranty parts approved.

Almost for sure, you have this problem and we have the solution.

We were cautious to roll out this invention because we weren't sure whether it would work in a wide varierty of situations.

It worked at my house, and now it has worked at 17 people houses. So we are pretty confident. But we can't guarantee it will work at your house, but if it doesn't we don't take no for an answer, there are also some noise reducing ferrite torroids that can be applied. We have not had to resort to this yet, but there would be extra cost (like $100 for the torroids)

Olsen's Invention the "3R Box /Bridge" SOLVES the communication problems that prevent people from getting the maximum output from their PV Electric Solar.

1) If you want to order this Inventive Fix, email us here

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