Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Solar with Government Support --- "Your" Bailout

The State and Federal government want to encourage solar.

Put your money in the bank, and you get what? Maybe 1%

Put your money in a mutual fund, and hope for 7%, but be ready to lose 50%?

Put your money in Bernie Madoffs hands and ....... ouch.

Put your money on your roof, and you may see a 15% annual return on investment, and even better for business / part business usage. A portion of your portfolio should be invested in renewable energy sources, which makes you even stronger against future energy rate increases.

What would it feel like to no longer "be gamed" by the oil industry? It is a good feeling. They can still get you at the pump, at least until we have electric vehicles, and our own PV powered charging station. The PV system that you start building now can be used years down the road as infrastructure for your vehicle charging station.

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