Micro-Inverter Info

Troubleshooting “Connecting” problem

If your Microinverter system is listed by Enphase as “connecting” then something is wrong.  It should connect easily when the right elements are in place.

First questions

1 1) Do you have the EMU and Bridge (the Bridge is a pair of small repeaters or amplifiers which lets you plug in the EMU and one Bridge electrically closer to the microinverters, while the other Bridge goes by your computer router)

2)   Do you have a computer router?    If you want to use the monitoring system you need a computer router, they are not that expensive, around $40 to $50. 
We show a wireless router above since they are very common these days, but it doesn’t have to be wireless, and in fact the EMU itself is NOT WIRELESS at all.   Wireless routers also have wired connections ports in the back, you need to plug the EMU (or bridge) into a wired port on the router.
If you don’t have a router and don’t plan on getting one, let us know by email at
and we will stop trying to get you connected

   3)  After the EMU (and maybe the bridges) have been plugged into the power for a while – then does the EMU say “+web” on it?    If not, it means you are not connecting to the web, and until you get it connected to the web, nothing will work on the communications side.   NOTE that it can take some time for the EMU to “find” the router even after plugged directly in (5 to 30 minutes would be normal).  It can take the Bridge even longer to find the Web even when plugged in correctly (5 to 4 hours)

   4) NOTE the lack of a “+Web” communication verification doesn’t affect your power production, the microinverter operate on their own.   The EMU is a monitoring system only, NOT a control system.

   5) Diagrams of Hookup WITHOUT Bridge, and Hookup With Bridge

Hookup withOUT Bridge

Hookup WITH THE BRIDGE looks like the below

Link below is to the Enphase Website documentation on the Bridge which we find is written quite confusingly so we did our own version above
Click to Review How to Use a Bridge on the EMU