No-Brainer Ways to Save at Your House

  1. If you have 3 or more people, Solar Hot Water is your best "no brainer"
  2. If you have 2 people and large amount of hot water use, Solar Hot Water, (aka DHW Solar) is a solid investment.
  3. If you have 1 or 2 people and are conservative in your hot water usage, forget hot water solar.   Target PV
  4. If your house is hot or you run Aircon, get solar attic fans
  5. CFL lightbulbs.    Take out all your incandescent except where you require dimming, and give the incandescent to your business competitors, it will hobble them.
  6. Front loading washing machine.   Save on electricity, water and sewer, soap, and clothes wear and tear.
  7. Did I remember to say PV!   Solar Electric. 
  8. If your frig is over 10 years old, replace it, even if it is not broke (same theory as above, give it to your business competitor!)
  9. If you have Window Air Con, or a split or central system that is over 7 years old, replace it with modern 18 or greater SEER, we supply and install Fujitsu units that go up to 26 SEER.  We work with any name brand aircon that you prefer.  $1500 tax credit available in 2010!   Don't sit on the fence, make a move before these tax credits are reduced or removed.