Tax Benefit Links

The following links are intended to help you in your research process.   We believe that solar makes sense for almost everyone, and you as the buyer need to come to their own conclusion over what type of solar and system sizing.   We can help, but ultimately it is your call.   The links and documents below may change over time and we just can't spend the time to continuously monitor them and update them, and as such these are presented with no warranty expressed or implied and no statement of suitability for any purpose.

State Tax Law -- The Best in the Nation to Promote Solar.    No one, no entity, can stop you from putting solar up, nor can they make rules that are too harsh.   Your association cannot say no.

State Law / Bill to Promote Solar

Many people, accountants, solar contractors, solar salespersons have been confused over how the State Tax Credits work, which is a shame, since they are pretty simple with many examples which almost for sure will talk about and provide clear details for your exact situation.

State Tax Law - 12 pages fully defining the credits and systems

The State and Federal Tax forms vary from year to year and are not usually available until the following year.    We post these up so you can quickly see that they are pretty easy and basic to fill out.    Please have your trusted tax professional pick the exact form that you need from the applicable Government website when available.    Review these for general content and layout.

State Solar Tax Form 342 Residential 2018

Federal Solar Tax Form 2018 Residential

Federal 1603 Tax Grant for Commercial Projects, here is the gov website.

Here is a link to the State of Hawaii Tax Information Releases

Below excerpt from Tax Information Release TIR shows that it is legitimate to design in additional systems for future expansion and other legitimate purposes.   

And below it is the direct link to the TIR

State TIR 10-03 Systems