Thursday, September 2, 2010

Annual Rate of Return

One of the safest places to invest is in money market funds, or just an FDIC insured bank.

Stocks and Bonds are sketchy, they can plummet as fast as people can click a mouse, and High Frequency Trading Robots can run for the exits faster than lemmings over a cliff.

From Bankrate the following:

The online service said its survey of 100 leading commercial banks, savings and loan associations and savings banks in the nation's 10 largest markets showed the annual percentage yield available on money market accounts rose to 0.20 percent in the week ended Wednesday from 0.19 percent in the previous week.

Full article here:

What if you could find a safe way to make 100 times that Annual Rate of Return? What if this investment also protected you from future energy cost increases?

Photovoltaics -- Solar Electricity -- is just that investment. Typical returns are 20+ % per year.

Shouldn't part of your portfolio be renewable energy -- PV? It really is a no-brainer. Remove money from money market,or mutual fund, put on roof ---- increase your returns dramatically. And you don't get taxed on the income you generate on your roof.

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