Tuesday, October 26, 2010


“Our 16 panels and micro inverters have dropped our electricity bill by $250 a month. We have a 7500 square foot house and our goal is to get our bill down to zero. We will definitely use Pacific Energy again to expand our system. The tax credit process was simple and we can track how much electricity we produce. This investment has been worth it. Energy costs are only going to keep going up and it will take us around five years to recoup what we paid for our system. You can’t get that kind of return anywhere else.”

Mark Thompson, Waialua

“Our system has produced 6000kWh since May 2008. That’s around18kWh a day with 16 panels. I am very impressed with Pacific Energy and appreciate their service. Every time something needed to be done, they were here. The installation was also very fast. We now only pay the HECO service charge and generate all of our own electricity.”

John Burke, Waianae

“Pacific Energy is a great company to work with. The quality is excellent and the installers were very professional. We have 20 panels with micro inverters. Our bill was previously $160-180 and now we only pay the $18 service charge and have 113kWh of credit.”

Glenn Skedeleski, Royal Kunia


  1. What is the annual rate of return on this type of solar investment?

  2. Well, the rate of return is....it all depends. How large the system, details of implementation/fastening/electrical integration, and your microclimate of the island. The short answer is 15% to 27%, with much higher Rates of Return under the commercial programs available.