Monday, January 10, 2011

Solar System Donation (HOT WATER)

We like to do $3,000 to $12,000 in charitable contributions per year.

In 2009 we donated a full-on (3) Panel Hot Water Solar system for a family in Waimanalo, through Habitat for Humanity

We want to do a similar Hot Water Solar donation in 2011, and thus we put out this ad.

We are looking for a legitimate Charitable Organization -- 501 (c) (3)

that can receive a complete HOT WATER solar system. Most of the part will be refurbished from good condition but used components. Oftentimes, when we take a system down, there are some fairly new parts, and maybe just the tank is bad, but the panels are great.  There is also a controller, pump, timeclock, valves, and a temperature mixing valve for safety.

We probably only get enough good condition/refurbishment parts to do 1 or 2 systems per year, and that is our goal for this year.

The savings from a simple  Hot water solar system can be in the range of $48,000 to $74,000 over the life of the system, so we think this is an awesome gift for someone who can't afford it. Non-profit organizations also cannot use the tax credits, so in order to do a solar they would have to pay "Full List Price".  

So this is the perfect way to help out a non-profit charitable organization who has hot water usage.  Depending on the success of this program I may also try to enlist them help of some other friendly solar companies and get them to save their refurbished part and Pitch In!

If you know the organization that has a need for free hot water, please let us know.

Drop a comment on the blog with name and contact information for the prospective recipient.

Execution of the system will likely be in the May / July timeframe



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