Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hawaii Eliminating Solar Tax Credits

From "EarthJustice"

State Tax Proposal Would Slam the Brakes on Solar Energy, Jobs in Hawai'i

November 9, 2012
Honolulu, HI — 
Today, Governor Neil Abercrombie announced a drastic, potentially devastating cut to the Hawaiʻi's successful tax credit for solar energy. The proposal would reduce by approximately 50 percent the tax credit for homeowners and businesses that install solar energy systems. The solar industry is one of Hawaiʻi's strongest growth sectors, and the state’s proposal threatens the future of thousands of workers and jeopardizes recent progress in weaning Hawaiʻi off dirty, imported fossil fuels.


What does this mean to you, the homeowner?    It means that the window for energy independence is closing.   The end of the year rush was already on before this post election bombshell hit.  

If the tax credits go away, the economics of solar will be vastly changed.    And it is not just the tax credits that put you at risk, it is the amount of solar on the grid.    HECO sets the rules when it comes to the amount of solar they will "allow".     On Kauai, no one can do solar anymore.....they have "too much".

ACT NOW, if you have a proposal in hand, sign it and fax it or scan it in.    We will accommodate everyone possible, keeping in mind that panels are going to sell out.    Also, prices are likely to go up as demand outstrips supply.

IT is still POSSIBLE to get a system this year, but don't lose even a day at this point.

Call us 671-5566

Here are the real notices for the State.     This is the real deal.

This is the real "rules".    They were created without industry input, and are overly complicated and restrictive.     Doing PV in 2012 is simple.     Next year will be a nightmare, and consumers will lose out on a lot of money.

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