Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Clarification on Solar Related Tax Credits - 2020

Click on each graphic to view in larger form, or right click and select view in its own window----allows scroll magnification.

It took me a few hours to bone up on the Tax Credit forms for Federal and State, since I had not done so for many years.    I also had to spend hours with my personal and business expert tax preparer to figure out 2019 credits in which I did a Solar PV Air-conditioning system for myself.    I also did another Large PV Aircon in 2020. 

A close look at the annotations below and if need be, a call to Steve should clear up how to handle the tax credits on:

1) Solar PV Air Conditioning

2) Solar PV Electric Power

3) Solar Integrated with Battery Storage

4) Solar Attic Fan

5) Solar Hot Water

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